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H C VERMA concepts of Physics Chapter wise solutions 
for aieee,iit students
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H C Verma Concepts of Physics pdf is a very good comprehensive theoretical and a conceptual guide which covers the topics like from heat and temperature to the semiconductor devices. The hc verma pdf begins with a chapter on Heat and Temperature and the Kinetic Theory of Gases and describes the terminologies, units and problems that are used through the course of the chapter.

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Features of this book-

All the Problems from H C Verma’s Concepts of Physics is a must work out assignment by many of the aspirants of IIT. Also, the basic laws of thermodynamics and heat transfer are covered before the subject goes towards the concepts such as electric field and potential. The same chapter also covers topics such as capacitors, Gauss’s Law and electric current in the conductors. The next chapters comprises topics such as magnetic fields, permanent magnets, magnetic field due to the current, and the electromagnetic waves. The last part of the HC vermabook mentions about the special theory of relativity. The book has got two Appendix sections which provide a good insight into terminologies and the definitions covered in the book.


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